Kicks Just Keep Getting Harder to Find.

Burkhard Bilger wrote about cave divers a few months ago in the New Yorker. It is full of delightful scenes of adventure and incipient horror, as our divers enter apparently endless labyrinths of jagged rock and running water. Undoubtedly there is great beauty under ground, and there is also the constant dread of dying by suffocation or drowning, far from where the sun shines.

Burk narrates an overview of the cave diving life in a video at the New Yorker.

His piece is exciting and rewarding reading, but the following clip will give you a case of the willies because the fear and danger are so imminent, and hardly an arm’s length away from safety. At least this time.

One thought on “Kicks Just Keep Getting Harder to Find.”

  1. hi peter..your post brings to mind a kindred soul i met here in bangor who owned a pet shop called animal crackers..he was from jersey originally..well anyway,cut to the chase,in his past he delivered pet food in nyc and on his list of customers was john and yoko..atleast he kept the check signed by j.l. and has it to this day..his local biz has since crumbled and i know not what became of him,but,he was truely a good cat! animals bring us together,but only paul revere and the raiders brought us kicks that keep getting harder to find.hope you are all enjoying your summer in the country,unlike “summer in the city”.

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